Attractive Holiday Planters

Out for a walk in the neighborhood on a crisp day, I immediately saw these Attractive Holiday Planters flanking a home’s front door.

Of course, I had to stop to see them up close and to talk to the homeowner for a few minutes.

The nice homeowner stated she made these three planters with branches trimmed off her holiday tree.

Making the Holiday Planters

To make the holiday planters, she first pushed the branch trimmings into wet soil. This keeps the greenery looking fresh throughout the season. Then to add a pop of color, she adds bright red bulbs and floral berries picks. To vary the height of the arrangements and to add texture, long red floral picks are inserted in two of the three planters.

Lastly, a red lantern is placed by the front door picking up the red from the planters. However, think how festive these planters will look at night when illuminated by the house lights and red lantern.

Flanking the door with decorative holiday planters, really says welcome to all your guests.

Recycling Efforts While Making the Beautiful Planters

Using cut-off tree branches that usually get tossed out and making them into beautiful holiday planters is a great recycling idea.

This is exactly how one small way can help to save the earth.

The homeowner told me she is not finished making the planters, so I’ll have to walk by again and see the completed versions.

Large Holiday Planter

Ending Notes on Attractive Holiday Planters

The fresh greenery in the holiday planters will also smell lovely to all your visitors.

A special thank you to that creative person with her visions for making holiday planters. Also, thank you for allowing me to blog and take photographs of your lovely home and planters.

Wishing all FMB Readers, family and friends a great start to the holiday season.

Happy Holiday Decorating!

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