Happy Mother's Day 2023

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Happy Mother’s Day 2023 to all those moms out there!

I went on an early morning shopping trip to the grocery store. So, how many bouquets of flowers did I count being purchased? Eleven and even a dozen of special Mother’s Day donuts. The flower count includes two persons who each had two bunches of flowers probably the second one for a grandmother or mother-in-law. In all cases, the dads were purchasing the flowers with a child tailing after them. The friendly cashier even wished me a Happy Mother’s Day!

Because I know a bunch of those moms out there are also animal lovers, I decided to add a bonus photograph of Deuce since today is his birthday. Deuce, a former, FMB Dog of the week, is celebrating his birthday today by wearing a purple party hat.

Mother's Day and Deuce's Birthday
Happy Birthday Deuce!

Happy Mother’s Day 2023 at FMB

So what exciting plans do I have for Mother’s day? The fun started yesterday for this mom, who had a delicious low carb dinner of Peruvian rotisserie chicken which included broccoli and a house salad.

I also purchased a take-out container of Peruvian chicken noodle soup to drop off to for a sick friend. She said the soup was good with a lot of carrots in it.

After opening all my cards, the plan is to run my car through a deluxe car wash and then have lunch as a family. This is the tricky part since all the usual chain restaurants will be loaded with families treating moms to a special lunch or dinner.

Off and Running – Happy Mother’s Day 2023

So, our first stop of the day is the Flagship Car Wash in One Loudoun. We purchased the $22 deluxe package and it was terrific. When I got home my car is so clean, it is actually a lighter shade. Love it!

Happy Mother's Day 2023

There are always lots of cars in line at the Flagship Car Wash but you only wait a minute or two at the most. The lines of cars move quickly.

Next, we then went and had lunch at Uncle Julio’s in One Loudoun. It was a lovely day weather-wise, so we dined on the outside patio. Our table had a large red umbrella keeping the sun off of us.

Uncle Julio’s Chicken Quesadillas with some tomatoes and lettuce.

Ending Comments

Lastly, on the way home, we drove past the Washington Commanders Ortho Virginia Training Center at Commander Park in Ashburn.

The building looks looks like a huge white tent or perhaps almost like a balloon.

Mother's Day 2023
Washington Commanders Training Site, 5-14-2023

What a great Mother’s Day! Thank you everyone for making it so nice.

Thank You to the Special Person who sent me this great photograph of Deuce in his birthday hat. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Happy Birthday Deuce!

Also, Happy Mother’s Day!

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