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Odds and Ends

This week I went junk store shopping with a friend with only an odds and ends shopping list.

An odds and ends shopping list, is pretty much buying anything useful.

Today the only thing on my “to buy” list is a heavy-duty jewelry neck chain. But upon checking the jewelry display cases, they didn’t have anything I could use.

Accent Print Pillow Cases

I next thing I noted, are two new 18 x 18 inch cotton accent pillow case covers with Pottery Barn tags still on them.

I purchased both of them for $16 or $8 per pillow case. The old price tag read the covers usually sell for $25 without the down pillow insert.

I am going to use them in my guest bedroom since the accent pillows on the bed are rather worn looking.

The flower design on the two matching pillows is very pleasing. The earth tone color combination will also match lots of things in the guest room.

Block Printing

These pillow cases are made with block prints on 100% cotton fabric.

Block printing is an old textile printing technique. Artisans put patterns onto wood blocks and then stamp the fabric with dyes. Each stamped item will result in a different print because the hand pressure on the block is different. This variation adds to the unique beauty of the item.

Junk Store Find
Mia Block Print Accent Pillow Cases

Other Odds and Ends Items

I also found a new blue plastic emergency rain coat for only one dollar.

I’m giving this to the video professional in the house since he sometimes films in rainy weather.

He could, also, pass this on to one of the crew members if someone needs one.

Lastly, I picked up a couple of small giveaway toys.

Conclusion of Odds and Ends Shopping Trip

After paying for our purchases, we went up the street and had a relaxing cup of coffee.

I have already ordered down pillow inserts for my two accents pillows which should arrive next week.

I also need to hand wash out my pillow cases and line dry them.

Odd and ends shopping trip, my kind of morning with a nice friend.

Odds and Ends Blog
Cup of Coffee

Update: 7-26-2022

Readers check out the photograph below and see how fabulous the pillows look on the bed in my spare bedroom.

The new pillow cases match nicely.

I like the way the pattern vaguely resembles the rose in the painting above the bed.

Resource Sites: Pottery Barn tag information on block prints.

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