Benefits of Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken Soup

Today I made a big pot of homemade chicken soup.

Chicken soup is a great meal if you are not feeling too good. The soup may clear nasal congestion and ease cold symptoms. The clear broth keeps you hydrated and the hot soup is soothing on a sore throat.

This soup is pure comfort food and is also nourishing.

Benefits of Chicken Soup
Homemade Chicken Soup

Making a Pot of Homemade Soup

I don’t use a particular recipe to make a big pot of homemade chicken soup, since I tend to add a little of this or more of that according to what is in my refrigerator at the time.

I buy about a three to five pound whole chicken. Be sure to rinse the bird and take out any giblets, etc., in the bird’s cavity.

I’ll toss in some celery two to three ribs. It is OK if it is a little wilted. I personally like carrots so I’ll peel and slice several. I also cut up half of a white or yellow onion. Add dry parsley, pepper and salt.

Then add cold water until the bird is totally submerged in the pot. Cook on medium to low heat on the stove’s burner for about one and half hours.

I then pull out the cooked chicken, peel the skin off and chunk the meat which I add back to the soup. Toss out the bones. Be sure the chicken is slightly cool so you don’t burn your fingers when pulling off the meat.

I usually boil my egg noodles when the soup is almost done and put them in the bowl before I ladle in the hot soup.

I read some people add corn, yams or garlic to their chicken soup. It all depends on what you like.

Ending Notes

The boiling pot of chicken soup smells wonderful cooking on the stove top.

My family always enjoys a tasty bowl of hot soup.

Homemade chicken soup tastes great year round and probably helps a body feel better.

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