Microphone Isolation Shield

Looks like once again, we are heading back into the recording studio to blog about a new piece of helpful sound ware called a microphone isolation shield.

So in the below photograph, it has sort of an “egg crate” design and is located behind the microphone. Basically, it encloses the microphone in an adjustable box-like shape to improve sound quality.

Why Worry about Video Sound?

The inside of the recording microphone isolation shield is made of high density absorbent foam which reduces noise and makes your voice and instruments sound clearer. It also eliminates bounce back.

The folding panel design makes it easier to adjust plus you can carry it along with you if you record onsite.

Recording Microphone Isolation Shield

Using a Microphone Isolation Shield

In conclusion, It is pretty flexible in where you set this piece of equipment up. Right now we have it set up in a home office but you can use it almost anywhere.

Video producers and directors all know how difficult it is to get the sound right for a movie. A ringing phone, air conditioning noise, or even the blowing wind can throw off the sound.

Nothing is worse than viewing a nicely filmed video and then not being able to hear what the characters are saying.

Now to check it out and see how it works. FMB will be reporting back to our Readers on it.

Fortunately, we have a video film person at FMB who always gives us the inside scoop.

Happy Video Recording from Farmhouse Magic Blog.

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