W & OD Trail

The W & OD Trail is a 45 mile trail that runs from Shirlington to Purcellville, VA. People who use the trail can walk, run, skate, hike or bike.

There are several entrance points and parking is available at some locations including the Herndon location.

On nice days, a variety of people like to walk or bike on this trail.

This NOVA Park sign tells a little more about the available parks and is located in downtown Herndon.

Past History

The W & OD trails are the original the Washington and Old Dominion railroad beds. The railroad tracks were removed, the trail was paved and signage was made.

You can enter the W & OD Trail in Herndon near the Station Street sign.

In the background you can see the free public parking lot.

Ending Notes on the W & OD Trail Blog

Time to get the bike, skates or the walking shoes out and enjoy this special trail. Many people like to use the trail on nice days. There are even a couple of places nearby where you can stop and get a cup of coffee or get bike repairs.

You can also stop and visit the “Little Red Caboose” which is also quite near the trail. It is not open all the time but you can peek into the back door window to see what it looks like.

Only caution, this is a busy location of the trail so be ready for people to pass you by on bikes. However, they usually give you warning by ringing their bike’s bell.

This trail gets lots of use from local residents or visitors who want to enjoy the fresh air, a well-maintained trail and none of the worry about car traffic.

Another great idea–repurposing old railroad beds into a great outdoor trail.

W & OD Trail

Enjoy the day and go on a hike!

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