Market Pickup with a Personal Shopper

I’m beginning to enjoy not having to go shopping for groceries and other items.  For several months now, I have ordered almost all my groceries online.

Most of the time I have had things delivered to my front door.  This has generally worked out quite nicely.

Parked in Reserved Parking Spot Parked in Reserved Parking Spot

There is no contact and you use your credit card to pay the bill and also to tip your personal shopper.

The personal shoppers generally do a great job and if an item is not in the store, they will offer you a substitution or remove it from your final bill.

The last couple of weeks, I have also done a market pick up order which works in the same way except you drive to the store to pick up your purchases.

The particular store I shop at has reserved pickup parking spots right up front so your personal shopper can bring your items to your car.  They also unload the cart placing all your bagged items neatly in the trunk.

Market Pickup with Personal Shopper Market Pickup with Personal Shopper

I have been impressed with the polite personal shoppers I have used.

Thank you everyone for a job well done!

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