Mailboxes in Bloom

It’s the end of a long summer season with plants at their peak.

After a stroll through the neighborhood, I noticed several mailboxes that were covered in an assortment of flowers and vines.

I thought I would share a few photographs with our Readers.

It you like a particular look, perhaps next summer you can have a mailbox in boom, too.

Mailbox with Flowers Mailbox with Flowers Mailbox and Vines Mailbox and Vines

This mailbox is completely covered with a leafy green plant.

Although the vine is attractive, the mailbox numbers are not visible.

When delivering the mail, I guess the mailman can figure out the street number.


This is a mailbox with a house built around it.

If you look closely you will see the chimney on the house actually has the mailbox flag attached to it.

The mailbox looks in need of a fall painting.  The vine growing on a trellis looks nice.

Mailbox House Mailbox House Mailbox Shaped like a Farm Barn Mailbox Shaped like a Farm Barn

So what kind of mailbox do you think Farmhouse Magic Blog has?

If you guessed an old farm barn, you’re right.

My mailbox’s plastic door is slightly cracked which I have been super gluing for a long time.

The magnet catch, also, has fallen off but I haven’t figured out a way to repair that.

My mailbox is made of heavy plastic which has faded from the sun.  It is the only mailbox barn I’ve seen in my neighborhood.

So will I continue to glue and piece my barn mailbox back together?  You bet.

I’m awaiting any correspondence from my faithful Farmhouse Magic Blog Readers.

A Farmhouse Magic Blog Hello to Aruba.

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