Traffic Transponders

Today we are doing a quick blog on the use of transponders.

A transponder is a small device placed on the car’s windshield which upon receiving a signal emits a different signal in response.

I’m probably the last person I know to install a transponder for the local toll road.

Toll Road Toll Road Car Transponder Car Transponder

Transponders are used for toll roads, bridges, and tunnels or anywhere else there is a fee involved.

The transponder makes note of the fee and then allows the car to pass the toll booth at a normal speed.

Transponders are helpful to keep traffic flowing.

Transponders allows travelers to put money in their accounts prior to passing the toll booth.

During the COVID-19 era, it is nice not having to stop to pay a fee at the toll booth.

No contact needed with a transponder installed.

Traveling on Highway Travelling on Highway

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