Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac

I always like browsing around the junk store’s front glass counters, because that is where I found this copy of Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac from 1903, no. 106. This old booklet was written by Dudley Leavitt and published in Concord, NH.

Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac

As things go, this farmer’s astronomer’s almanac is not in great condition but I only paid $7 for it, so I’m not complaining. It has some loose, frail pages and some browning on the paper. I, believe, it still has the original string for hanging it on the kitchen wall. However, this copy is, also, a rare signed edition.

Dudley Leavitt, Farmer’s Almanac, 1903

Brief Biography of Dudley Leavitt

Dudley Leavitt (1772 – Sept. 20, 1851) was an American writer and publisher. He was a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and later moved to Gilmanton. He edited a newspaper, taught school, and also did some farming. Leavitt had broad knowledge of many subjects such as mathematics, polymath, language, and astronomy, etc.

Leavitt founded a local weekly newspaper in Gilmanton but this wasn’t popular. He also published a Farmer’s Weekly Magazine.

He then went back to teaching and raised cattle on his small farm. Leavitt published a new almanac which he called, “Leavitt’s Farmers’ Almanack and Miscellaneous Yearbook”.

Leavitt’s interest in astronomy and crops was sort of a weather channel for farmers. This farmer’s almanac proved to be very popular.

His almanacs were aimed for the general population of New England. They were sold in general stores and drug stores.

At the time of his death, he had five years’ worth of issues of his almanac, written and ready for the publication.

Ending Notes of Today’s Blog

I enjoyed looking through this booklet and reading some of information. I’m not sure what I will be doing with this booklet.

Astronomy, weather and crops–popular topics for farmers who depended on their crops for survival.

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