Pineapple Dish Towels

After having my house cleaned, I noticed my dish towels being a little messy, so I picked up these Pineapple Dish Towels in the secondhand charity shop.

Nothing worse when company arrives, and my dish towels are old, stained and worn. Who one wants to stay for dinner, right?

New Pineapple Dish Towels?

Ok, I purchased this set of secondhand dish towels in the church charity shop for $3. You can tell by the wrinkled label, that they have been washed, at least once, but they still look new.

The cute towels have a realistic looking pineapple print on them. The last one is made more on a hot pot holder with a tab on the top for hanging it up. It also has the matching pineapple print on top.

The pineapple print is 100% polyester and very soft. The white waffle towel part is 100% cotton. It’s odd that they would sew together the two different materials. It almost looks like some crafter made them for a craft fair item.

Pineapple Pattern Dish Towels, 5-24-2024

Pineapples the Symbol of Hospitality

The fruit of a pineapple is a symbol of hospitality.

The first recorded encounter with pineapple is in 1493, when Christopher Columbus was on a voyage to explore the Caribbean. They found the pineapple there and wanted to share the fruit.

When they returned home, the pineapple became a huge hit with the royal family. Pineapples were served as dessert fresh, candied or turned into sorbets and ice creams.

For those who could not afford a pineapple, shops and merchants would rent them out for special occasions.

Throughout the ages, if you were offered some pineapple at a home, you knew that was a great honor.

Now a days, pineapples are not as rare as they once were. I think my favorite way to serve fresh pineapple is over cottage cheese. I recently paid $2 for a nice pineapple.

No, I’m not going to put one outside my front door like old time sea captions on a home visit. Nor, I’m I going to include one as my table center piece. No way, I’m eating my sweet and delicious pineapples.

Ending Notes

In conclusion, as for my new pineapple printed dish towel set, I’m going to wash them first and then use them in my kitchen.

Happy Day!

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