Spring Table Display 2023

All of a sudden, spring is here and time for my Spring Table Display 2023. So, I went to the basement to bring out some my spring decorating items.

Decorating the Dining Room Table

This year, I’m going with a natural color scheme of brown, ecru, green and white. To start the project, a small flower-printed table runner was placed in the center of the table.

I then, added the clear glass, vintage-looking cake stand I found earlier this year in a second hand store. For me, it was expensive at $20 but I liked it and thought it would work with things I presently owned. The proceeds of this store, also, go to a local charity. Best of all, the cake stand has a small lip to it, so things don’t easily slide off.

I filled three small baskets with Easter grass, Then added faux eggs in the natural colors of green, beige, and white. To give some variety to the arrangement, I included a few speckled smaller bird-sized eggs.

Spring Decorating
Spring Table Centerpiece, 3-25-2023

What’s New?

The newest items on my table are the two clear glass bunny miniature candle holders.

While out secondhand shopping this week, I picked up some new plastic eggs for treats and these clear glass bunny candle holders. The plastic eggs were only .50 cents for the package and the bunny candle holders were $2 each.

I’ve already filled those plastic eggs with candy and got about 20 eggs ready to give out.

The two glass bunnies look cute with small white candles placed in their backs.

Purple Glass Bunny

I decided to add one photograph from my downstairs area.

This cute purple glass bunny was purchased last year in a secondhand shop. I love the way it looks on my coffee table in a basket filled with green basket straw and a couple of faux eggs.

I know shiny purple is not a natural color, but I like the look anyway. Also, note the new wild blueberry springs in my faux flower arrangement.

Easter, 2023
Purple Glass Bunny in Easter Basket

Ending Notes on Spring Table Display 2023

I like how my natural nature color scheme worked out in my dining room. I, also, like elevating the one basket on a clear cake stand as it gives my table a little more interest. Not everything is at the same height.

I’m thinking for the Easter meal, I can add a nice green tablecloth under the table centerpiece and everything will match nicely.

This year, we are also into making and eating healthier meals, so we soon need to plan the Easter meal.

Be sure to check back later for a new exciting blog on that.

Everyone enjoy the warmer days and blooming cherry trees in downtown Washington, DC. In fact, we just burned our last logs in the fireplace.

Roll on Spring!

This is a close up view of those natural colored eggs and my new “used” cake stand.

Spring Table Centerpiece, 2023

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