Telescopic Seating

Telescopic Portable Seating

Today our technical video director had a package delivered which puzzled me at first.

The below photographs shows a telescopic portable seat. The photograph on the left shows the carrying position. The photograph on the right show the seat in full open position. I found this stool/seat to be interesting and also very useful.

The seat looks like a flat round package with a belt or handle to carry it along with you. The seat opens in a telescopic way.

To open the seat, use both hands and pull it open with a slight twist. The seat pulls up in a telescopic manner.

The seat is lightweight, portable and the company states it will hold approximately 300 pounds. This multifunctional stretch stool is made out of engineering plastic.

I think this seat would be useful in camping situations, fishing trips, BBQ’s, gardening, travel, hiking, or when you get tired of standing in line and want to sit for a few minutes.

Our technical video director ordered this portable seating to keep in his car’s trunk. Sometimes you need a flat surface for filming and other times you need to sit while filming at unusual angles. It could also serve as a instant prop if furniture is lacking.

Online I see that the seat comes in various colors and has a wide range of prices.

I like the idea for flexible, portable seating that you can carry like a purse over your shoulder. Perhaps I should, also, order one for my car’s trunk?

So what are Engineering Plastics?

Engineering plastics are a group of plastics that have better thermal or mechanical properties than the more commonalty used plastics.

It goes to show you what you can now make with plastics.

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