Valentine's Day, 2023

Valentine Supper Club

Tonight’s blog is about the Valentine Supper Club meeting with a group of cuisine-conscious friends who get together for a meal. Previously, Farmhouse Magic blogged about this supper club. And, as our photographs shows, the table is set for a gracious evening. Also, our hostess and host have preplanned the dinner so they have time to chat with the dinner guests.

Valentine Table Setting & Decorations

To begin with, the table is set with red cut-out heart shaped placemats. Then, on top of each placemat is a white ceramic dish. As a special touch, each dish holds a guest thank-you gift tied with a red and white checked ribbon. There are two beverage glasses at each setting. A small salad fork rests on top of each setting.

The long wooden and glass vase centerpiece is filled with white artificial flowers. Several pink and red hearts flower picks are added to the flowers. The white cloth napkins are placed at each table setting.

Holiday Heart Tree

In the center corner sits a slim line artificial tree circled with lights and pink/red hearts ornaments. The tree catches its reflections in the side window panes but everything is sparkling including the silverware.

Also, two battery-powered white candles sit on the window sill.

Valentine's Day, 2023
Valentine Supper Club, 1-2023

Valentine Supper Club Menu

This month, the supper club’s dinner theme is Giada. So, the main dish is penne pasta with shrimp in herb cream sauce. The beverage is refreshing lemon vodka Prosecco martinis before dinner. The lemon vodka cocktail is made with fresh lemon simple syrup. Sauvignon blanc wine is to be served with the dinner.

Valentine Supper Club
Penna Pasta with Shrimp in Herb Cream Sauce

The other Valentine’s Supper Club guests bring the side dishes, appetizer, soup and salad.

Valentine Supper Club

First Course, Bean Dip and Pita Chips

Giada’s “House” Soup

Valentine Supper Club
valentine Supper Club

Tuscan Salad

Giada Theme

So, my online research shows that, Giada is a well-known Italian-American cookbook author, television personality, and Food Network judge. She is popular for her charm and, also, her delicious food recipes.

Her web site includes recipes such as Buttered Squash Soup with Cheese Crostini, Tomato Pasta with Pesto, and for dessert – Balsamic Roasted Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Because of her recipes, It is no wonder why the supper club picked her as the theme of their menu selection.

Valentine Supper Club Blog – Ending Notes

On an ending note, the Valentine Supper Club gets together to meet up with friends, share recipes, and to have a good time.

The meal’s ending dessert dish, is a scrumptious Orange Ricotta Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberries.

Dessert for the Supper Club

Valentine Supper Club
Orange Ricotta Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberries

Buon Appetito! (Enjoy Your Meal)

A Big Thank You to C., that Special Person, for the inspiration for today’s blog and, of course, her stunningly beautiful food photographs.

Also, Thank You to the Members of the Supper Club.

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