Halloween, Pumpkins, and Hay

Happily, this weekend, we took a trip to one of my favorite garden centers to purchase a few plants and to see their Halloween, Pumpkins and Hay displays.

This stripped fabric pumpkin is super cute. It has three wooden beads tied onto the top “stem”.

Halloween Decorating

I’m always excited to see a bunch of fresh Halloween and fall decorating ideas and products.

In the below photograph, we find pumpkins, lights, spiders, sunflowers, wreaths and door mats. In fact, they probably have anything you want for the fall days or the Halloween holiday.

If you check out the large decorative feature in the left top section of the below photograph, it contains everything from flowers, pumpkins and even oranges. Another gentleman was checking this out with me. He told me he asked if it was for sale. Unfortunately, this elaborate garland is a feature for the store, and not for sale. However, we both enjoying looking at all the different elements it contains.

Assorted Fall and Halloween Decorations, 9-10-2023

Halloween Witches, Garland, and More

Near the front doors, I noted the store is delightfully stocked with a variety of Halloween items. I like the orange circular paper lanterns near the top of the photograph. The off-white, orange and black bulb garland is very pretty and unusual.

There is also a selection of non scary witches and Halloween lights.

Halloween and Fall Decorations, 2023
Halloween Display, Front of Garden Store, 9-10-2023

I love the faux pumpkins and red berry wreaths. They look so realistic and will last many fall seasons to come. Think of how nicely they will look on a table, front door or other area.

Outside the Garden Store with Halloween, Pumpkins and Hay

The whole garden center is geared towards Halloween, pumpkins, and hay plus mums, and seedlings for fall vegetable gardens.

In the below photograph, we see rows of mums not quite in bloom and hanging planters. If you notice the front display table, there are two colorful planted flower urns. This time, the pumpkins on the wooden table are real.

Rows of Mums, Flower Urns, and Fresh Pumpkins, 9-10-2023

Hay Bales

Hay Bales are useful for a variety of fall reasons from placing in the garden to decorating around the home.

This stack of wrapped hay is broken down into individual sections to be sold.

Ending of Halloween, Pumpkins and Hay Blog

As always, I enjoy my visit to the garden center no matter what time of the year it happens to be.

As part of my gardening refresh posting, during this trip, I purchased a couple of Little Rascal Holly (male) bushes. The holly bushes have dense dark purple winter branches. Wow, I’m thinking those holly bushes might need a blog of their own!

All items photographed on today’s blog are from at the Merrifield Garden Center.

A Big Thank you to Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their incredible garden center.

To all my Farmhouse Magic Blog Readers, Happy Halloween & Fall Decorating!

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