The Rain Storm

Over the weekend, I needed a couple of things from the grocery store. I wasn’t sure if I should go or not. Because, then, I heard the sounds of distant thunder, the sky had darkened and the wind began to whip and whirl. To me, this signals an approaching rain storm. The grocery store is in my neighborhood, so I decided to chance it to see if I could make it back in time before the rain started.

Unfortunately, as I reached the store parking lot, a huge downpouring of rain began. So, I had my umbrella with me and put it up as I exited my car. But, very quickly, I discovered it was useless in this rain-wind storm. The gusts of wind quickly had my new blue reptile-print umbrella turned upside down. This umbrella is well-made, so I was quite surprised. However, I did make it to the store safely but, alas, a little wet.

Poor Timing and the Rain Storm

Well, as things go, I wasn’t able to get what I needed and decide to leave the store. Very quickly, I discovered it was still pouring rain. Several shoppers stood near the front of the storm waiting a few minutes until the storm the lessen. They all had their cell phones out.

The Rain Storm
FMB Checking out the Disability Scooter, 9-9-2023.

How to Kill Time in a Grocery Store

Following the crowd, I took out my phone and sorted through my emails. That didn’t take long. Then I decided to send a few text messages which took a little longer. One lady in the grocery store, decided to catch up on her phone calls.

Since I was tired of standing, I decided to have a seat on the complimentary disability scooter. None of the scooters were in use. I never sat in one before, but they were hooked up as I think they were being recharged. The front basket was of a good size and looked like it could hold a lot of groceries.

Should I go for a test ride? No, I don’t think so, because driving a golf cart is next on my wish list. Does that mean we’ll find FMB out on the golf course? No, I just want to drive one of the cool golf carts over green lawns.

After all that, it was still raining. Then I thought, perhaps I’ll buy a magazine to look at while I wait. As I wandered to the checkout stands, I looked at all the fall themed magazine covers. Their beautiful cover photographs made me want to pick one up and see what the title story was all about. But, I rarely buy magazines anymore and put them back. At one point, I asked about the price of one.

The Wet Parking Lot, 9-9-2023

Ending Notes for the Rain Storm

As I looked up from the magazine racks, I noted some of the shoppers had left and the rain had definitely lessened. It was time to make my exit and go on home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one of those interesting looking magazines but I did have time to watch the falling rain and connect with nature for awhile. I, also, got to sit in the disability scooter for a few minutes.

When I got home I fixed my upturned umbrella for the next rain storm.

Let it Rain!

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