Fall Decorating Ideas with Pumpkins-Merrifield Garden Center Visit

Pumpkin Décor

Today I visited Merrifield Garden Center, my favorite garden shop, to purchase some grass seeds and fertilizer for my front lawn.

I was, also, looking for ideas on how to decorate my home with pumpkins for the fall.

Their basket of real mini-white pumpkins would work well with a variety of table decorations.

Several mini pumpkins in a vintage mixing bowl would look festive on my dinning room table.

Or you could place a white-mini pumpkin on your child’s bedside table.

For a fall table display, try placing mini-white pumpkins in your good glass punch bowl or large stemmed water glasses.

Basket of Mini White Pumpkins Basket of Mini White Pumpkins Stacked Pumpkin Display Stacked Pumpkin Display

A trio of stacking pumpkins makes an usual centerpiece but would look great in a fall party setting.

This trio of real pumpkins is both crafty and fabulous.  The photograph above shows the pumpkins stacked in a black metal stand.

According to the sign, the pumpkins are held together with wire and grape vines.

At the top and sides, hot glue was used to attach floral berry picks and a scant amount of dried Spanish moss.

To the side of the pumpkins is an impressive array of purple ornamental cabbage displaying velvety perfect leaves.  In the far background, colorful corn is hanging in bunches.

Try using unusual colors or bumpy pumpkins near your front door in a child’s red wagon.

Stacked Green and Gray Pumpkins Stacked Green and Gray Pumpkins Bumpy Orange Pumpkin Bumpy Orange Pumpkin

This bumpy pumpkin has lots of textural interest.

Below is a photograph of Merrifield Garden Center’s basket cornucopia display.

A cornucopia is the symbol of an abundance harvest and nutrition.  This decoration would work great in the fall or around Thanksgiving.

It could also be filled with flowers and nuts along with that assortment of squash.

Ornamental Cabbage and Gourds Ornamental Cabbage and Gourds

Green and purple ornamental cabbage is displayed near the Horn of Plenty.

Be sure to check out the faux pumpkins.

Faux Pumpkins on Display Faux Pumpkins on Display

I like using faux pumpkins in certain displays because they last forever.

This garden center’s has a large collection of both white, green toned and orange pumpkins.

The smaller size faux pumpkins could be wired or hot glued to a fall wreath for over the fireplace or front door.

I also use faux pumpkins in the farmhouse for a clean display.

Hydrangea Plants in Bloom Hydrangea Plants in Bloom

Greenhouse flowers and plants can also add a special touch to your decorations.

I like the way the orange flowered plants mix with the white and orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin Display with Plants Pumpkin Display with Plants Wooden Boxes of Tulip Bulbs Wooden Boxes of Tulip Bulbs

Fall Flower Bulbs

Fall is also the time of the year to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs.

The boxes also contain instructions on how deep to plant the bulbs.

For a different fall decoration how about some tulip bulbs in a mini tera cotta planter but forgo the dirt?

Tie the planter with a nice ribbon and bow.

Bonus Feature – Tractor at the Garden Center

Ford Tractor Ford Tractor

Vintage Blue Tractor

What visit to the garden center would be complete without checking out their vintage tractor.

Ford automobile company made Fordson tractors from 1907 to 1961.  In 1964, the name was changed to Ford.  In 1991, the Ford tractor line was sold to Fiat.

It’s a lot harder to drive a vintage tractor than you think.  I once took an vintage tractor for a spin around the farm and the noise is deafening.  They also do not stop on a dime.

Enjoy your cooler fall days, apple cider and pumpkin pie.

Mini White Pumpkins Mini White Pumpkiins Orange and Gray Pumpkins Orange and Gray Pumpkins

Happy Fall Decorating to all My Farmhouse Magic Blog Readers!

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