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Fashion Refresh

Today at FMB we are doing a fashion refresh blog because starting the new year, we all want to press the “refresh” button on life, dress up and have fun.

However, winter’s cold winds and snowy days are still with us. Better times are ahead, sunny days, with lots of fresh air. Wearing clothing with uplifting colors is good for our mental outlook.

Fashion Refresh Items

To uplift my spirits, a few things from my favorite clothing store came in the mail. Today I’m sharing my fashion refresh purchases with my readers.

Photographs of New Clothing

In the photograph below, there is a pair of serene gray legging pants, black leggings, a raspberry pink tunic top, a leopard printed dress, and a houndstooth-patterned black and white bandana.

The items all match and yet they can be worn separately and with other items in my wardrobe.

Fashion Update
New Clothing Refresh

Serene Gray Legging Pants

The first item I am blogging about, is the serene gray leggings pants. I put them on along with the raspberry French terry tunic top and was in love.

The serene gray leggings felt like comfortable sleepwear. I love how stylish and chic they look on and never want to take them off.

Fashion Update

I’m wearing my serene gray legging pants with dress shoes.

However, you can certainly dress the look down and, also, wear them with tennis shoes.

Sleeveless Leopard Print Dress

I’m generally not a dress person, but the below dress is very fresh and young feeling with a leopard mulberry and black print.

This sleeveless dress is made with ultraviolet protection factor fabric. The dress’s special fabric blocks both UVA and UVB rays to your skin. The front of the dress has a zipper with two pockets. There is an easy fit tie around the waist. For a different look, wear it with a t-shirt under the dress.

The below photograph shows the top of the dress.

Fashion Update
Printed Dress

Fashion Refresh Black Foil Pattern Legging Pants

Fashion Update

These black foil legging pants look like they are see through but they are not.

They are nicely made with slimming technology.

Dog’s Houndstooth Bandana

The next item I am blogging about is a black and white houndstooth bandana. It is made from 100% polyester.

Interestingly enough, it was online as a classy gift item for your dog.

I thought it was way too nice for a dog, so I’m keeping it. However, it is so reasonably priced, you could buy one for your self and so for your favorite pooch so you can match.

It is probably a little too small to wear around your head and it just fits around my neck. However, but you could use it to tie your hair in a ponytail.

Fashion Update

This bandana looks great as a coat pocket insert or as an accent piece on my purse.

Fashion Color Update for 2022

Two of the popular colors for 2022 New York’s spring/summer fashions are light-blue Spun Sugar and light-pink Gossamer Pink. Also, for that hopeful first sign of spring, is the color Daffodil yellow.

Look forward to colors which balance your life, feel comfortable and make you smile.

Ending Notes on Fashion Refresh Blog

Have fun refreshing your wardrobe, and enjoy the new spring and summer colors.

Fashion Update
New Clothing Items

All clothing today’s blog was from Chico’s Online website. Thanks Chico, love your clothing, your impeccable style and stores!

Research for today’s blog used “New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022,” article written by Laurie Pressman.

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