New Year's Luck

Old World Good Luck Traditions

I’m still getting the house in order from the holiday season and starting to think about old world good luck traditions. I’m a little late with blogging on this topic, but I think my readers will find it interesting.

Religious Holiday Cards

One of the things I always do is to place any religious Christmas cards I receive over the front door. This tradition is said to bring blessings and good luck throughout the new year.

I have a slight edge over my front door that nicely holds the cards. This year I received three religious cards.

I have one good friend who knows that I do this, so she always sends me a nice religious card.

Traditions for Luck

The front of the cards are blocked with a piece of paper because many card designs are copyrighted.

Straw and Old World Good Luck Tradition

I remember my mother doing the next thing that tradition said would, also, bring prosperity and good fortune in the coming new year.

She would place a handful of straw under the dinning room table during the Christmas meal. Everyone at the table would place their feet in the straw while eating.

This central European tradition is said to bring a lot of chicks into your barn.

Lucky Traditions
Lucky Straw

I keep on forgetting to do this one. I guess I don’t have a barn or chicks, but having a lot of them in your barn is certainly a good thing to hope for.

I’ll try to remember to do it next year. I keep a small plastic bag filled with straw for this purpose.

Coins Under Dinning Room Dishes

The next tradition is something I recently learned is said to bring good luck and money in the new year.

At your New Year’s meal, place coins under the dinning room dishes.

New Year's Luck

Coins under dinner dishes on New Year’s Eve is said to bring good luck.

Coins In Kitchen Cabinets

Another tradition involving change is when you move into a new house, toss a handful of silver change into your kitchen cabinets. It is said from then on, the cabinets will always be full.

My mother had her kitchen “full cabinet” coins in a little shot glass that we were never allowed to remove. I remember seeing it when dusting and cleaning the cabinet shelves. Only no pennies, please!

Throughout the world, there are a variety of traditions to bring luck and happiness to your home.

Ending Comments on Old World Good Luck Traditions Blog

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of the central European traditions that I have come across over the years.

“35 New Year Traditions to Bring You Luck from Around the World,” by Marisa Lascala was used to research today blog topic.

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