Fairfax Comic Con

I noticed over the weekend, that the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly hosted a Fairfax Comic Con Convention. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend their convention , so I can not tell you much about it. However, I brought up their online site for more information about the organization.

What is Fairfax Comic Con?

Checking their online website Fairfax Comic Con is a national conference which focuses on comics and comic arts. The conferences increase the public’s awareness of this topic.

During the convention, you can meet other comic book fans, creators, experts, and other guests. Each special guest sets their own prices for meet and greet plus autographs. I see for this past convention, they had at least one professional wrestler who attended.

The conventions are usually hosted by convention centers, hotels, college campuses, museums or other public outreach areas.

Fairfax Comic Con Cosplay Contest

So, It looks like a fun part of the convention is the costume contest. I went ahead and read some of the costume contest rules, and found no projectiles are allowed. There is, also, no tossing of liquids, glitter, or confetti on the stage. In other words, it looks like you use your imagination to come up with a creative costume. The winners are given a prize and also are photographed.

Side of the Executor Vehicle, 8-26-2023

Darth Vader Executor Car & the TSJ Foundation (Theresa Sandra Foundation)

I initially noticed a black Darth Vader’s Executor-Class Star Dreadnought vehicle in the Dulles Expo parking lot. It is apparently part of the Comic Con Convention. It was marked off with orange parking cones, so nobody could park too close to it. Interesting, this vehicle has it own built in fog machine, LED lighting, and an external sound system. It, also, looks like it was customized in some ways like the rear window had a TSJ logo on it.

Because I wasn’t familiar with the TSJ foundation, I looked it up online. The TSJ foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit that provides unique sci-fi/fantasy and themed experiences for all.

They apparently own a Super Fleet of vehicles. These vehicles visit hospitals and schools for smiles. They also use themed robots to teach children about science, robotics, and math.

The TSJ Foundation is currently finishing their first Eco Crest Mobile Classroom. This vehicle is 30 feet long and has seven work stations. Their website shows photographs of how the mobile classroom was made and it was very interesting.

Ending Notes on the Fairfax Comic Con Blog

So even if I missed the Fairfax Comic Con Convention, I did learn a little about the organization and what they do. The usual Dart Vader Executor Car caught my interest. and so did the TSJ Foundation associated with it.

Until the next convention, May the Cosmic Comic Force Be with you, or something else?

A Special Thank You goes out to Eric Jacobs the CEO/Co-Founder – Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation for allowing us to use photographs of their Executor Vehicle.

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