Spring Cleaning

Nothing spells spring like spring cleaning like removing the clutter, getting organized, and deep cleaning the house. So, here at Farmhouse Magic Blog, we begin our spring cleaning. Our Readers want to know what kind of things are we cleaning up after the long winter?

I have listed several cleaning chores below. Some of these might be “forgotten” chores around your house, so we hope today’s blog helps.

Cleaning the Fireplace Insert

Glass Insert

It’s unlikely that we will be using the fireplace again until fall. Today with temperatures in the 60’s, we’re probably not going to get too many cold days.

There are a couple of things to do with cleaning out the fireplace insert. The first thing is to clean all the residue off the fireplace insert window. I like to use a special cleaner that actually polishes the window.

Ash Removal

Ashes in the fireplace should be swept up. I usually place the ashes around a bush I have out back. However, for safety reasons, make sure all ashes are cold.

Spring Cleaning

On the photograph on the left, I’m removing the ashes from the fireplace insert.

Defrosting & Cleaning the Freezer

If you have a freezer with a lot of ice on the shelves, now is a good time to clean things up.

In the summer, you might be busy preparing home gardening items for freezing and not have the time to do it.

It took several hours for our freezer to completely defrost as the ice was thick. Use a water solution of dish gel and baking soda for cleaning the shelves and removing any odors.

Spring Cleaning

Remove and toss out any old food.

I found a package of food that expired in 2020. Sorry will not be eating that.

Dusting Rugs

The large area rugs in our house hold a lot of dust and dirt in them. We took these outside to dust them off.

Time to Replace Rugs?

However, on closer examination, it might be time to replace a few rugs. They are pretty worn out looking.

Spring Cleaning

Dusting out of Large Rugs.

Mopping the Basement Floor as Part of Spring Cleaning

Sweeping and mopping the basement floor is essential for a clean house.

A fresh smelling pine cleaner was added to the water. I, also, put on the dehumidifier to dry the floor quicker.

The basement now looks and smells marvelous piney.

Mopping the Basement Floor

Refreshing the Emergency Water Supply

Some of our emergency bottled water was out of date, so we need to go shopping and refresh our supply.

Spring Cleaning

Old bottles of water ready for disposal.

Replacing Furnace Filter

For clean air in your house, frequently replace dirty furnace filters.

If you are unsure how to do this, you can always ask your HVAC person to show you how.

I always put the current date on my new filter so I can tell when I need a new one.

Spring Cleaning

I try to keep extra filters on hand to change them out. This old filter is very dusty and dirty.

End of the Day and Notes on Spring Cleaning

In conclusion, I’m glad I got several spring cleaning chores out the way, so that I can enjoy my spring and summer months to the fullest.

Happy Spring Cleaning to All Farmhouse Magic Blog Readers!

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