Cheeps – Farmhouse Magic Blog Pet of the Day

Today at Farmhouse Magic Blog we have a special feature honoring our pets.

This is Cheeps, a cockatiel bird, also known as the Cheepster.

Cheeps is 22 years old with a birthday in April.  He was born in Pennsylvania and is the last living member of his bird family.

Cheeps Back View Cheeps Back View Cheeps Posing for the Camera Cheeps Posing for the Camera

Cheeps likes looking out the window at the other birds, as long as they don’t get too close to the glass, then he’s scared.  He’s a fan of going up and down his ladder and has chewed through one of the ladder rungs.

If he hears you eating something crunchy, he always comes over and wants a taste.

Cheeps Close Up Cheeps Close Up

Cheeps really likes admiring himself in the mirror.  When his two sisters passed away, he was depressed for a long time and looking in the mirror helped bring him out of his depression.

Cheeps dislikes being alone in a room by himself.  He can be fussy about bedtime.  If he is not ready, he will let you know by yelling.  He is also not a fan of bathing.

Hummm . . . sounds like some children I know.

A Special Thank You to Cheep’s Human Mom and Dad for providing the photographs and fun facts.

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