Fall Lawn Care

Today I attended a one-hour fall lawn care program on Zoom.

The seminar was put on by a local garden center.  I previously registered for the program online.

One of my technical directors set up my computer microphone and mini camera so I was ready to Zoom.


Zoom Computer Screen Zoom Computer Screen Japanese Clover Weed Japanese Clover Weed

The fall lawn care seminar was very informative and I learned quite a lot about lawn care.

One of the things I learned is my front lawn is overrun with clover and Japanese clover weeds.

I was told there was no need to treat the Japanese clover weeds right now, as those will die out with colder weather.  Unfortunately, the seeds from this plant will come up next year.

I, also, wanted to take a more organic approach with my yard and did not want to use a lot of chemicals or weed killers on it.

For this time of year, one of the solutions to my lawn’s weeds was to overseed.

In my area, the fall is the ideal time to sow grass seeds.  The weather should not be too hot, humid, or dry for the emerging grass seeds.

Fall Lawn Care Steps are as Follows:

  1. Have core aeration done on your lawn’s soil to loosen the dirt.  Core aeration can be done either by a lawn company or you can do it yourself by renting a lawn aerator machine.
  2. Apply fertilizers to your lawn.  Liquid fertilizers work best on lawns.  Use a seed starting lawn fertilizer with a 14-18-14 formula.
  3. Overseed your lawn with grass seeds paying attention to thin or bare spots in your lawn.  There are a variety of grass seeds available, some for shade and some formulated for sunny areas.
  4. Apply a 3/8th of an inch thick of top dressing or compost over the seeds.
  5. Water thoroughly and keep watering.  You will see grass sprouts in about one weeks’ time.
  6. To keep weeds under control in the spring, treat with Corn Gluten Meal.  This is safe for pets and suppresses new weeds.

With a lawn, have realistic expectations.  Due to time and money restraints, you may not be able to do all the above steps.

You will improve your lawn but it needs to be maintained.  Lawn care is an ongoing process.

After attending this seminar, I can hardly wait to get started on my lawn and, hopefully, this spring my lawn will be healthy and green.

Japanese Clover Weeds Near Tree Root Japanese Clover Weeds Near Tree Root

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