48-Hour Film Project Wrap Up

This weekend was a crazy one with the 48-Hour Film Project off to a running start.

What is the 48-Hour Film Project?

For those not familiar with the 48-Hour Film Project for Washington, DC, 2022, a video director signs up for the project.

Then the director gets a team together to make a film. Many times, the team members have never worked with each other.

Then the team works tirelessly to imagine, write a script, get props, costumes, do make-up/hair, find a location, film, and then edit a complete 7-minute film in only 48-hours’ time.

The film directors and production aides, also fill out all the required paperwork and release forms to be in the running.

Motorized Pan Head for Video Production

“No Starting Ahead of Time”

Each film director signs a statement that none of the work was done prior to the opening. But to make sure no one starts ahead of time, each film needs to add a certain prop, a script line, and a character to the film. If all three elements are not included, then the film is disqualified.

Each year the list changes. For example, this year the prop was a bowl.

Teams are also assigned a film genre such as drama, action, horror, etc.

Selecting a Winning Film

Then the 48-Hours Film Project’s committee reviews all the films and selects a winning film for the Washington, DC area.

All the films are shown in a movie theater on the big screen so that’s an extra treat for the film director and all his team members.

The winning film has the ability to go all the way to the Cannes Film Festival and what great bragging rights that would be.

Video Production
Cameras on Tripods

Weekend Film Makers

So I didn’t see much of the film director or his team on Saturday as they were out filming.

However on Sunday afternoon, the film director, film editors, production assistants, and sound masters were busy all day long editing the film.

Some portions of the film were filmed in different locations, sounds and credits were added. The team even worked up a movie poster.

48-Hour Film Project Wrap Up

Now everyone waits until all the films are reviewed and the winners announced.

So keep your fingers crossed for our team director and his production team.

Good Work Teams and may the Best Film Win!

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