Christmas, 2021

Yule Logs and Chocolate Bombs

With Christmas eve nearing, I went to one of my favorite bakeries to pick out a special Yule logs and noticed their Chocolate Bombs.

I saw this special cake last Christmas in their bakery display, and wanted to try one ever since. But the Chocolate Bombs were something I have never seen before.

Yule Logs or Buche de Noel Cakes

The below photograph shows an assortment of Buche de Noel cakes in the display case at the Amphora Bakery.

Christmas, 2021
Assorted Buche de Noel Cakes

Brief History of Buche de Noel Cakes

My internet research indicates that the history of Buche de Noel cakes goes back the 12th century. For good luck a family would burn a log from a fruit tree in the hearth.

When wood burning stoves became more common in homes, then people began to place a small wooden log in the center of the dinning room table which they decorated with greenery and holly berries.

This eventually evolved to making Buche de Noel or yule log cakes for dessert. Today yule logs cakes are popular in both France and Italy.

Christmas, 2021

I love the way these yule cake logs are decorated with small plastic sleds, mini presents, deer, poinsettias, holiday trees and Santa.

Christmas, 2021

This busy bakery makes cakes in a variety of flavors.

I selected a chocolate raspberry yule log.

Christmas, 2021

If a cake is too large for your dinner plans, then these cute holiday tree cupcakes might work with your dessert menu.

Chocolate Bombs

I’ve seen chocolate bombs on the internet but this is the first time I’ve seen them for sale in a local store. The ones in this bakery are almost the size of a small cupcake and very nicely decorated in red and green for the holiday season.

To use, you place a chocolate bomb in a large mug and then slowly pour hot milk over it. Immediately the chocolate bomb turns over and bursts opens to reveal chocolate and marshmallows for a hot cocoa drink.

Christmas, 2021
Chocolate Bombs

Crispy Rice Treats

In the below photograph, if you are looking for something a little bit different, there are some round treats on the counter. They look like they are made from crispy rice cereal which as been colored holiday red and green sugars

Ending Comments and Yule Logs and Chocolate Bombs Blog

On Christmas eve, I’m having my chocolate and raspberry Buche de Noel for dessert.

Yule Logs and Chocolate Bombs was definitely a fun topic to research for today’s blog.

If waiting for Santa Claus to visit is hard, just think how hard it will be to not sneak a slice off of my yummy looking Yule log cake.

Christmas, 2021
Wrapped Treats

Yule Logs and Chocolate Bombs Blog:

A Big Thank You to the Amphora Bakery for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their bakery.

Happy Holidays Everyone from Farmhouse Magic Blog!

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