Vintage Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester-Potatoe Sticker

Today we are blogging about a vintage cake tester.

The official name of the cake tester is Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester-Potatoe Sticker and is in the original cardboard packaging.  The front is shrink wrapped sealed with clear plastic.  The product is made by VIP Sales, Inc., out of Minneapolis, MN marked with the “Made in the U.S.A.”  All writing is done with red ink.  From what I’ve seen online, I’m thinking this packing might date from to the 1940’s to the early 1960’s.  Due to the shrink wrap covering, I’m thinking probably closer to the 1960’s.  My packing is slightly marred and the cake tester has a little rust on it.  My vintage cake tester was purchased at a church resale shop.

I saw the same product (Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester) with almost the same advertising done with blue ink but that was from the 1930’s to 1940’s.  A simple but good product design lasts forever, right?

I, also, tried to research VIP Sales, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN but all I could find is that the company was started in 1963.

The red-ring handle cake tester is an old fashion tool.  It is useful to test for doneness in baked cakes, potatoes, or vegetables .

I currently use my cake tester only for cakes.  When you place it in the center of the cake, it should could out clean looking meaning the cake is done.

I believe I got my cake tester from a home party product my neighbor hosted.  See photograph on top of blog.

It is made out of metal with a ring top and doesn’t look too much different from the vintage one.  Although it is about one inch longer.

What is confusing is I do not think the vintage Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester with its seal was associated with the Good Housekeeping Magazine.  I, however, decided to add a quick history of the magazine.

Vintage Good Housekeepers' Cake Tester-Potatoe Sticker Vintage Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester-Potatoe Sticker

The history of the Good Housekeeping Magazine goes back to 1885.  Women bought the magazine with the hopes of becoming the super housekeeper by using the magazine’s tips, recipes, and product recommendations.

The Good Housekeeping Institute was introduced by the magazine in 1911.  The Good Housekeeping Institute helped test new products on the market and report results issuing a seal of approval to those products passing the tests.  Over the years, the institute tested anything from food, appliances, beauty products, clothing, cooking tools, cleaning products and toys for children.

Some products they tested were substandard or outright dangerous to consumers such as watered down milk, dangerous crib sheets, hard to clean baby bottles, and candy contaminated with asbestosis.  Thousands of products have been tested by the Institute.

good Housekeepers' Cake & Potatoe Sticker Good Housekeepers’ Cake & Potatoe Sticker

Something else to think about is the red and white plaid Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  Almost every mother or grandmother had a copy of one.

All recipes in the Good Housekeeping magazine and cookbooks were tested triple times to ensure the recipe was flawless.

Summing Up – The Good Housekeepers’ Cake Tester-Potatoe Sticker is a helpful kitchen gadget which had few design changes over the years.

However, I think their GH seal was probably only used for advertising purposes and in no way connected the the Good Housekeeping Institute who used a completely different seal.

Now what’s in your kitchen junk drawer?

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