Quick Drying Bath Towels – Energy Saver

I decided to do a financial blog today and you might think what do bath towels have to do with finance?

Well plenty since the clothes dryer takes a lot of energy to dry thick fluffy towels.  With quick drying towels, energy is saved and it will reflect in your monthly electric bill.

I decided to test this out in my home by purchasing four light gray bath towels which were advertised as quick drying.

Fast Drying Sculpted Bath Towels Fast Drying Sculpted Bath Towels

I ordered these from one of my favorite stores and everything arrived nicely packed.  The bath towels are 100% organic Turkish cotton and are little thinner than my regular bath towels.  However, the towels are generously sized being 28-inches wide and 55-inches long.  They are a nice gray color and are soft to the touch with a waffle weave.

The towels were on sale marked down from $32.50 per towel to $15.97 per towel.

Quick Drying Towels and Table Runner Quick Drying Towels and Table Runner

The towels also meet Global Organic Textile Standards which mean they are safe to use, meet strict requirements, and make for a healthy home.  They were made in Portugal.

Absorbency and Use – I washed the towels before using them.  They are still a little brisk feeling but I think they need another washing or two, to soften them up some.  I also like the extra large size.  The neutral color looks nice in my bathroom.

Summing Up Results – The quick drying towels are true to their advertising, drying more quickly than the other towels I own.

By using these towels, I will definitely save some money in the long run on my dryer bills.


Towels and Table Runner Towels and Table Runner

For Your Information – Also pictured is a white table runner I also purchased at the same time.  The basic table runner is made out of a cotton linen blend and is 18 x 100 inches long.  It is very soft to the touch.

I will get lots of use from it for my holiday celebrations when used alone or with a table cloth.

The table runner is a little long for my table, but if I tie the ends up with ribbon, it should work out fine.

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