The Ten-Speed Bike

Baby Blue and White Bike Baby Blue and White Bike

The Ten-Speed Bike

No, this is not a picture of my 10-speed bike, but I like the old fashion look to it and also it has a basket to hold your lunch or whatever you want to take.  I like the color—baby blue and the large blue and white seat.

My 10-speed bike I’ve had since I’ve been about 17 and it is still around my house.  Interestingly enough, I took it on an airplane with me when I left Southern California.  It parked for a while in Pennsylvania.  I tried to ride it there, but there were too many sidewalks and no bike trails.  I then moved and took it with me.  It was stored in the bottom unit with the other bikes which also were never rode.  The I took it with me to my new house.  I’m not sure if it is even safe to ride anymore because there is a lot of rust on it.  No one rides 10-speed bikes with curled handles anymore.  You would curl up over the handlebars to make it go faster and faster.

I’m going to have look for it and snap a photo or two.  It has been with me like a trusty old pony.  Will I ever ride it again, not likely, but I love those old memories.

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