The Dirt Road

This is not the farmhouse’s dirt road, but it is still a lovely stroll.

Walk towards the chicken coop to find the dirt road.  The chicken coop contains a “candy box” assortment of hens.  My favorite hens are the Americuna chickens with fluffy looking heads.  They lay incredible aqua and olive-green colored eggs.  Break an Americuna chicken egg and notice the yolk is a deep rich yellow color.

In the nearby pen, the ducks happily splash in an old bath tub filled with water.

At this point you will turn onto the dirt road and see an open field.  Alone with your thoughts you aimlessly roam down the dirt road.  You think of those who have walked before you and those that will walk after you.  If you see a tractor on that dirt road, step aside and let it pass.  The farmer is working as always.

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