Sully Community Center Opening

Sully Community Center Opening was on Saturday, September 17, 2022. The opening had a variety of things to see and do.

We waited all summer long to get a peek inside this new facility.

The new center is a 35,000-square-foot facility located on a five-acre plot on Wall Road in Chantilly. The parking lot is of a good size.

If offers fitness classes, has meeting spaces, a SACC program, therapeutic recreation, and computer technology instruction. It is also the new home of the Sully Senior Center.

The Center has a 4,000-square foot Healthcare Suite for primary health care services for those who are underserved in our community.

Tour of the Sully Community Center

The first thing we did was to take a self guided tour of the facilities in the new community center. We were given a Passport card to get stamped at the various places in the building we toured.

The building is very modern looking with high ceilings and interesting light fixtures.

As you walk into the building past the lobby, the first thing you see is a huge bright gymnasium. We toured the gym which is located near the teen room. There are some video/pinball type games for teens to play while visiting the center or they can work on their homework. The center even has yoga and sensory rooms. I’m not sure exactly what a sensory room is, but I think I’ll check that out on another blog.

We, also, stopped by the Healthcare Suite and were given a free take home COVID test.

Sully Community Center Grand Opening Passport Card

Events Outside in the Parking Lot

Outside in the parking lot there were several booths to visit. An India dance group was performing on the center stage.

There were also a few sites giving out community information and free pens.

Ending Comments of the Sully Community Center Opening

The center has a huge variety of things to offer to the community and I’m sure they will be busy very soon.

We enjoyed Sully Community Center opening and the gala celebration. I actually ran into a Park employee and chatted with her for awhile about the new center.

This Center is a nice addition to what makes Fairfax County so special.

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