2022 Sprouts Outdoor Display

Sprouts Autumn Display

Everyone knows at FMB we love pumpkins and, also, the Sprouts Autumn Display.

So, today I stopped in to do some shopping and to check out their pumpkins, scented pine cones, chrysanthemums, and apple trees, etc.

Sprouts Autumn Display
White Pumpkins

Freedom Farms Apple Trees

Sprouts have both red and green apple trees for sale. The fruit trees are from Freedom Farms in Hillsboro, TN.

Freedom Farms is a huge wholesale volume producer specializing in fruit trees, flowering trees, and berry plants. It began back in 1984 and overs cover 550 acres of land.

It sells its plants to fruit growers, top garden centers, wholesale nurseries, etc.

2022, Sprouts' Outdoor Display

Behind the pie pumpkins are the apple trees. Sprouts autumn display sells both green and red apples trees.

The trees they are selling have a non GMO tag on them. That means the apple trees are not genetically modified organisms so their DNA has not been tampered with.

Large Orange Pumpkins

With autumn decorating or carving needs, this display has lots of large orange pumpkins plus a variety of colored corn and chrysanthemums.

If you want to bake pumpkin pies, they also have some smaller pie pumpkins for kitchen use.

Autumn Display
Large Orange Pumpkins

Everyone loves those cute mini pumpkins.

2022 Sprouts Outdoor Display

Pick up a few mini pumpkins.

Ending Notes on Sprouts Autumn Display

So if the weather would only cooperate and become a little cooler then I would think fall is on the way.

The maple trees in my yard are losing a few leaves, so I know change is coming.

But for now, I’m enjoying the pumpkin autumn display and thinking of our fall holidays.

Too Early for Pumpkin Pie?

A Special Thank You to the Store Manager in Sprouts, Herndon Store Location, for allowing me to blog and to take photographs of their Outdoor Autumn Display. Also, thank you to the people who set up the outdoor autumn display. Great Job!

Resource Sites: Wikipedia, fast-growingtrees.com and freedom farms online site.

Sprouts Autumn Display
Autumn Colored Mums

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