ReStore, Chantilly

ReStore and the Glass Table

ReStore and the Glass Table is about a great glass table set. Because I’ve not been to the ReStore in awhile, I noticed additional great bargains.

ReStore and the Glass Table with Matching Chairs

One of the first things that caught my eye, was this well made glass table and chair set. The table set had four matching metal chairs. I believe this is either an indoor or outdoor set with a very heavy glass table top.

If I bought this table set, I would add some nice soft patio cushion seats to coordinate with my kitchen.

ReStore, Chantilly
Clear Glass Table and Chairs
ReStore, Chantilly

The tile inset on the top of the chairs gives them an extra color pop.

French Provincial Bedroom Set

At the front of the store is the below matching wooden bedroom set in a creamy white French Provincial style. I’m not sure if this set was coming in or going out, but that’s the nature of things in the ReStore shop. Good things sell quickly.

The bedroom set has multiple pieces to it. The single bed and other pieces are in good condition.

The French Provincial furniture style originated in the 18th Century. French Provincial furniture works with both formal or casual room settings. The finished furniture can be white, but also, off white, or creamy white or even light shades of pastel.

ReStore, Chantilly
Bedroom Set

Vintage Iridescent Glass Vase

This large iridescent or carnival glass vase measures approximately 9-inches high and is 6-inches in diameter at the largest part. The beautiful vase opens into a large trumpet mouth with a ruffled rim and a pedestal foot.

The Jeannette Glass Company in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, made this vase in the Iris & Herringbone Pattern. The Iris & Herringbone pattern was in production from 1928 to 1932 but, because was so popular, it was made a second time in the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

The vase has a glowing iridescent glass finish but every piece of iridescent glassware looks different due to different variants. Because the composition of the paint spray ingredients, how long they were sprayed, etc. change the coloring of the glass Some finished glass pieces are honey, amber or even deep reddish-yellow in color.

I believe this large vase dates from the 1950’s to the 1970’s as it doesn’t show some of the wear patterns of older pieces. This vase, also, frankly looks too sparkling new.

I love the pressed glass pattern of long-stemmed graceful irises on the background of straight “Herringbone” lines. Think how lovely a spring flower arrangement will look in this vase.

ReStore, Chantilly
Iris and Herringbone Pattern

For Your Information

The historic farmhouse I volunteer at has a six piece set of the clear water glasses in the Iris and Herringbone pattern which was donated by a local family. However, those glasses were from the first pressing or 1928 to 1932 era. The glasses also have pedestal feet stems similar to this vase.

Child’s Dollhouse

What fun this dollhouse would be for a child! However, it does not comes with any furniture or dolls.

I remember as a child making a dollhouse dresser set by gluing together three wooden matchstick boxes and sticky paper. I glued on beads for the handles.

So, get creative after buying this dollhouse and make your own dollhouse furniture.

ReStore, Chantilly
Child’s Dollhouse

Small Lamp Shades

This ReStore shop has a large selection of lamps, hanging electrical fixtures, and lamp shades.

If you are looking for a lamp or shade replacement, this is a good place to start.

ReStore, Chantilly
Variety of Small Lamp Shades

Ending Notes on ReStore and the Glass Table Blog

All items on today’s blog are available at the ReStore, Chantilly location, except for the Iris and Herringbone vase.

Sorry, I bought that piece. : )

A Big Thank you to James of the ReStore, Chantilly location, for allowing me to blog and to take photographs of items in their store.

ReStore shops are run by the Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia. On their web page it states it is, “The store that helps rebuild homes”.

ReStore, Chantilly

Iris and Herringbone Vase with springtime daffodils.

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