Slovakia Craft/Art

Slovakian Lace Art

I’ve been thinking about all the variety of arts and crafts throughout the world, so I thought I would blog on Slovakian lace art.

Framed Handmade Slovakian Lace Art

This unusual folk art involves crafting strands of thread into a circular picture. It seems to be a cross between tatting and weaving. It also shows the tatting talents of the crafter.

The below photograph, shows a Madonna and Child figure made of Slovakian lace art measuring about 7 1/4-inches in diameter. The faces of the figures have been made with a flesh colored thread. The eyes, hair, features and background are made with brown thread.

Although it is not apparent on this photograph, Madonna’s dress and head scarf are made with a sparkly blue metallic thread. The halos on both figures are made with a sparkly gold metallic thread.

Slovakia Craft/Art
Slovakian Folk Art

The lace insert was then basted into a circular-wood picture frame much like a woven dream catcher.

I use a push pin to hang it on my wall.

When it gets dusty, I carefully wipe it down with a clean cloth. I, also, use cotton tipped swabs to get around the string holding the piece in place.

Ending Notes

This piece of string art has been on my bedroom wall for many years. It is very light weight and I hang it with a grouping of regular sized wall paintings. It’s not often that your will find a circular piece of art.

I have enjoyed blogging about this topic today as it is small world in the world of art.

I hope you learned a little bit more about this beautifully handcrafted lace art.

A Big Thank You to M. for this gift. I still think about you and miss you.

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