Seeded or Seedless Watermelons

Which are better seeded or seedless watermelons? This question probably comes up every summer time in my household.

A Wagon Full of Watermelons

The topic of seeded or seedless watermelons brings back an old childhood memory. We had a retired neighbor who loved to garden and always grew a huge summer garden.

When his large stripped watermelons were ripe, he told us to bring over our red wagon. He then would plop two huge watermelons in our wagon. The watermelons were so large they barely fit into our wagon. Needless to say, we would never been able to carry them home in our arms. We also had to be careful on the way home that we didn’t tip the wagon over or the watermelons would roll down the hill. It also took two kids to make this special pickup. The watermelons, of course, were ripe and delicious.

Slice of Watermelon

Seedless Watermelons

In going back to seedless watermelons, they are more convenient to eat since you don’t have to spit out or get rid of the seeds. Also, the favor seems to be a little sweeter.

Seedless watermelons have small pips which are soft edible seeds.

Seedless watermelons have been around for approximately 50 years. The number of chromones has been chemically altered. But the fruit has not undergone any genetic modification.

They are more difficult to grow requiring certain temperatures and moisture levels so that probably accounts for the price difference.

Summer Watermelon
Watermelon Rind on Dish

Seeded Watermelons

Seeded watermelons are generally little cheaper. The black seeds are, also, edible containing magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and B vitamins. However, I don’t think most people want to eat the seeds.

Watermelons seeds can, also, be oven roasted.

Ending Notes

I guess if I have to pick my favorite watermelon, I’ll select the seedless variety because I don’t like to pick all the seeds out before I take a bite.

It is also easier to cut up chunks of watermelon if you want to place them on a tray or serving platter.

In my opinion, seedless watermelons are, also, less messy. But either way, seeded or seedless, watermelons are a great summer fruit to eat.

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