Herndon’s First Public School

I frequently drive by this white house never realizing its historical significance of being Herndon’s First Public School.

The early Herndon School building is now a private residence with a large inviting front porch.

Early Herndon School

The history of this home goes back to 1860, when J. H. Thompson and A. St. John bought land together. Then St. John gave one-half acre to the Herndon School Association with the idea of building a school at this location.

The three-room Herndon public school was nondenominal and in 1868, received books and supplies.

Below is a photograph of how the old school looks today.

Herndon School

Around 1910 to 1911, town of Herndon outgrew the old school, and a new school was in the works.

The old school was auctioned off and subsequently bought by Russell Lynn. Lynn is a previous Mayor of the town of Herndon from 1937 to 1945.

Herndon Historic Plaque for the Old Herndon School

This brown Herndon Historic Plaque is front of the residence.

It shows a photograph of the students standing in front of the old school.

Lynn sold the property to A. A. Chamblin.

Chamblin made the school into a private residence and at some point the school’s bell tower was taken down.

Closing Notes on Herndon’s First Public School

The lovely historic home is a currently a private residence with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

I’m glad that this historic building stood the test of time. It is also wonderful when we can expand of the use of building taking it from an old school to a private residence.

The home was well loved and taken care of over the many years.

Historic Old Herndon School

The Herndon Historical Society and from an article by Barbara Glakas entitled, “Herndon’s Early Public Schools” online sources helped research today’s blog.

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