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Today I was at the Chantilly ReStore shop. This store constantly gets in new donations on the sales floor.

Sometimes they display a lot of vintage items and furniture, and other times the offerings are modern and new.

ReStore, Chantilly

The photograph on the left, is the front of the ReStore shop in Chantilly.

Roll Top Desk

The first item I’m blogging about is a Riverside furniture roll-top desk with three drawers. This desk and would fit neatly into a smaller place or apartment. The roller top moves up and down, and it seems to work fine.

Online viewing shows some Riverside desk handles switched out to give the roll top desk a different look. Also, I’m not sure that the forest green color is the original paint.

Riverside furniture is available at furniture stores nationwide. Roll top desks similar to this one, have online prices from $95 to $175.

ReStore, Chantilly
Dresser with Roll Top

Sawzall R Reciprocating Hacksaw

This Sawzall R reciprocating hacksaw in a red metal carrying case is near the front of the store and is made by the Milwaukee Tool Company. The newer Sawzalls R are now sold with canvas tote bags.

I believe this one is priced at $75 at the ReStore shop. It comes with some blade attachments and this neat retro looking red metal box.

I checked out the history of the Milwaukee Tool Company since I remember seeing its logo as a kid.

History of the Milwaukee Tool Company

In 1918, the A. H. Petersen tool company came out with the first lightweight portable, one-handled drill called the Hole-Shooter. Then Albert F. Siebert became a business partner. The company was destroyed by a fire in 1923.

However, in 1924, Albert Siebert purchased the remaining assets and formed the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. One of his main goals was to improve the Hole-Shooter electric drill.

In the 1930’s Milwaukee Tools began producing all its tools to meet the U.S. Navy standard of equipment.

When World War II came about, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation become a major suppler to the U. S. Navy. Their Hole-Shooter electric drill was an important tool in the manufacturing of military aircraft.

This case has a paper backing with information on the different types of saw blades.

In 1951, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation came out with the first reciprocating saw on the market named the Sawzall R. They also have a full line of blades for the reciprocating saw to use on different types of material from wood, soft metal, plaster, etc.

Eventually the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company was sold to Amstar in 1975 and has gone through a series of owners since then.

Information for the blog was taken from online sources, CableOrganizer, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation website, and Wikipedia.

Bathroom Tub Fixtures

Near the front of the store, are boxes and boxes of bathroom tub fixtures.

The boxes look brand new.

I believe they all contain the same bathroom tub faucet and sprayer.

Rooftop Storage Cargo Bin

The next item I came across is an old X-Cargo Bin originally sold by Sears stores. The X-Cargo Bin attaches to a car’s roof top for extra storage.

It holds clothing, food, camping and ski gear, etc. It also comes with a lock and key.

I haven’t seen one of these on a car’s roof for a long time, but perhaps they are more common in camping areas.


I guess the main thing is to be sure it is securely attached to the car’s roof.

Another issue is that they were sold by Sears whose parent company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018. Today were are only several Sears and K-Marts which remain in operation.

Holiday Wrapping Paper

With the holidays nearing, there are also some opened rolls of wrapping paper. Having extra wrapping paper is always a good thing to have on hand.


It looks like snowmen and snowflakes are popular wrapping paper patterns.

Child’s Ride On Sports Car

This child’s ride on sports car is in a bright red color.

I know these ride on cars work by charging a battery, but have never had one so I can not tell you much about it.


When charged up it looks like a cool ride.

I’m a little too old and too big for a ride in this one.

Concluding Remarks

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog on the ReStore shop.

All of the above items are available for sale in the Chantilly ReStore shop this week.

A big thank you to James for allowing me to take photographs and blog about the ReStore. The ReStore shops are run by the Habitat for Humanity organization.

It is also time to think about buying Apples or Pumpkin Pie Filling for making those delicious Thanksgiving Day Pies.

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