Safety Pins

Today there is probably not one person in the workplace who has not repaired a missing button, broken zipper, or torn hem with handy safety pins.

Mini sewing kits, one time given away as freebies, often contain a needle and several yards of different colored thread plus a few safety pins. Clothing “malfunctions” can be avoided when a few safety pins are strategically placed.

Fun Facts & History of Safety Pins

So, I was able to find some interesting facts about this topic by reading articles in the Atlantic and The New York Times.

Safety Pin Collection

Their history goes back to ancient Roman times when they used something similar to hold their togas together. Then Walter Hunt, an American mechanic, patented the safety pin back in 1849. In the 19th century, it became easier to produce mass quantities for everyday use.

Things evolved in that they could be ornamental, used for dressing or for securing diapers. I have, also, seen jewelry made out of small colored beads and safety pins.

The expression “pin money” comes from when wives would get money from their husbands. Also, that pin money could have been pinned to the inside of a garment.

Fashion Statement

After that, the 1970’s brought in the era of punk rock and punk fashion.

People into punk rock used safety pins to hold their torn shirts and pants together. For a bracing new look, there was even safety pin earrings.

Then in the 1990’s with the gunge fashion look, people wore bracelets and pins made out of safety pins.

Political Statement

Wearing a safety pin in Britain was at one time seen as a means of support for immigrants and offered pro-kindness.

Around 2016, in the United States people began wearing safety pins showing support of physically or emotionally abused, minorities, women, immigrants, and the LGBT community.

Not only did you offer support, but it also suggested that one would stand up for what is right, give money, or volunteer helping a cause.

Safety Pin Collection

Ending Notes on Safety Pins

In conclusion, you probably don’t give much thought to one until you need one.

My mother used one to pin religious metals securely to her undergarments. Some people also use them to pin charms or amulets to their clothing.

I never forget, that once I received a gift of a large gold safety pin to use as a key chain. But, when in the open position it also doubled as a protective device.

They have endless uses, they are inexpensive, and what a great simple idea for ages to come.

An Simple Everyday Idea.

Resource Sites: Wikipedia, The Atlantic and New York Times

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