ReStore Memorial Day Sale

Because it was such a nice day, I decided to stop in and check out the ReStore Memorial Day Sale.

Presently, the sale is going on in the Reston/Herndon location.

Wow, everything in the store was offered at a discounted rate because of the upcoming Memorial Day.

Star Home Designs Service Platter

The first item that caught my attention, is the below photographed nickel plated, round, cast aluminum serving platter. It has a center container where you can add some dip if you want. It looks durable and easy to care for.

Although I did not turn it over to check the labels or stampings on the dish, I believe it is a Star Home Design piece. Some Star Home Designs have smooth and shiny surfaces like this platter. However, other pieces appear distressed. I’ve seen their design called “Birds and Branches” but I’m not sure that is the official name of the pattern. Of course, this piece looks very similar to other items in this line.

Star Home Designs was founded in 2003, and offers tableware, gift items, etc. It seems like, a lot of their merchandise is made into animal shapes.

Memorial Day Sale at ReStore
Star Home Design Serving Platter, Bird and Branches Design, ReStore 5-21-2024

ReStore’s price for this piece is marked at $125. and it is located near the front of the store.

Vintage Thonet Bent Wood Children’s Chairs

I previously blogged about a vintage Thonet Bent Wood Chair, so you might want to click on my earlier blog for more information.

Originally, Thonet made the iconic bentwood bistro chair using a special process to bend the wood without breaking it. The no. 14 chair was simple, light, functional in design, and also allowed for a more private experience in the bistros. Before that time, bistro patrons sat on long benches at long tables.

Interestingly, the Thonet labels on the bottom of these chairs looks like the real deal. Initially, I started to look for a Thonet manufacturing plant on 1 Park Avenue in New York. However, I could find nothing on this.

After searching online, I found information about a mid 50’s Thonet store located on 1 Park Avenue, NYC. This was actually a Thonet upscale furniture showroom and these chairs were probably sold there. The factory producing the chairs was located in York, PA.

ReStore Memorial Day Sale
Vintage Thonet Mid Century Bentwood Children’s Chairs, ReStore 5-21-2034

The ReStore Memorial Day Sales price for these children’s chairs is discounted if you buy all five chairs.

New Vintage Looking Door Lock

Yes, I am looking to replace a door handle on a screen door, so I checked this one out to see I could use it.

Unfortunately, this lock set is different from what I have on my door.

The keys in this new set look old fashion.

Wooden Bar or Counter Stools

I noticed these two wooden black bar or counter stools. They looked to be in pretty good shape. I believe these chairs are only $20 each.

These bar or counter stools are basic black and will go with a lot of different interiors.

Punch Bowl

Sorry, Farmhouse Magic Blog cannot seem to pull herself away from ReStore’s punch bowls sets.

They make me think of holiday parties past when I served punch made of clear grape juice, lime soda, and floated orange slices on top. Sometimes, I would add some pomegranate seeds or lemon slices. But, always, I made an ice ring and added it to the punch bowl prior to serving to keep things cold.

Punch bowls are not only great for punch for also for filling up with chips or other party snacks. I, always, try to find a second use for items in my home.

ReStore Memorial Day Sale
Clear Glass Punch Bowl, ReStore 5-21-2024

End of ReStore Memorial Day Sale Blog

As I mentioned many times before, I am not a vintage expert, I’m only a blogger interested in history and all things vintage.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

All items in today’s blog are available for purchase at the Hendon/Reston ReStore shop.

A Big Thank You to Paul and Liz at the Northern Virginia ReStore shop in the Herndon/Reston area for allowing me to blog and take photographs in their store. Also, a hello to Chaz at the front counter.

ReStore shops are non profit organizations. They accept a variety of donations. Please check their online web site for more information. Shopping at ReStore is always a surprise since you never know what you will find.

Happy Early Memorial Day and Don’t forget to check out ReStore’s big 25% off sale on everything in the Reston/Herndon store from May 20-25th, 2024.

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