Red Raspberries

A few red raspberries ripened in my garden.  My husband gathered up the ripe berries in a small plastic container and handed them to me.  I decided to put the berries in a vintage cocktail glass as a fest for the eyes.

After decluttering my house, I’ve given away bags of clothing I will never wear again, whole shelves of books, mugs and pans from the kitchen, and a variety of odds and ends.  But I am not giving away my vintage cocktail glasses.  It’s true I don’t use them much.  I use them more for desserts than for actual cocktails.  In fact, one of the only times I used them for drinks was for a champagne toast when I ran out of glasses for the holidays.  I know totally wrong glass for the beverage.

I think it’s good to mix up usage of your dishes and glasses.  My mother-in-law received good china for her wedding.  Each piece was precious and well loved.  She used her good china for special dinners throughout her life. 

I am keeping my vintage cocktail glasses and I am also eating those raspberries.  Does anyone have any tips for growing more raspberries?  Two glassfuls would have been nice.

Red Raspberries in a Vintage Cocktail Glass

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