Composting My Way

How can you make a blog on composting sexy and exciting? 

That’s a bold statement but just think about all the extra food scraps not going to waste but being used by the environment.  OK that apple is too rotten to eat, I left the rice too long in the fridge or my bread is moldy.  Food left overs get a second life as soil enrichers.  It is like getting something for nothing.  Composting works wonderfully to improve and aerate the clay soil in my garden. 

Rats, mice, foxes, skunks and others would gladly eat my compost if I left it in the yard.  I find if I bury the kitchen scraps directly in my garden, the soil gets the most benefits.  I know the yard waste needs air to decompose but it all seems to work fine on a hot 80 to 90-degree day.  The whole buried mass just seems to bake and decompose.  Earthworms love my garden and all the extra goodies in the soil.

The soil in my yard is pretty much all red clay, nonporous, and unforgiving to plants so get the shovel out.

Compost waste from my kitchen food scraps.

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