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New Racing Car Dealership

I noticed a new luxury car dealership in town. This company is known for producing racing model cars, concept cars, hybrids and electric vehicles and even at one time tractors.

Their history goes back to 1948 when their name first appeared on their car.

Back then, the company employed 200 workers in Stuttgart, Germany.  They also have a company museum in Stuttgart.

American Flag in Blue Sky American Flag in Blue Sky

The front of this new showroom is actually built in a modern circular shape.  I enjoyed looking in the window at some “rare beauties” on the showroom floor.

The photograph on the left shows a large American flag flying in the front of their dealership parking lot.

There is a large patch of snow on the ground from our recent snow storm.

Interestingly, in 2017, the company began a program in which customers can open a subscription for a new sports car or a SUV.

This is not a owning or leasing type program.

Not totally sure on this point, but I guess a subscriber can obtain a new car for short term use.  I would imagine they would get requests for special events.

Black and White Cars on Display Black and White Cars on Display

I was checking out some of the colors the vehicles come in.  It looks like black and white are very popular choices.

They also offer metallic green, metallic blue and other colors.

Is it time to go for a test ride?  ZOOOOM!!!

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