Willard’s Real Pit BBQ – My Favorite BBQ Place

Leave it to Farmhouse Magic Blog to know of a good old BBQ place.

The above photograph is of an old Ford truck belonging to Willard’s Real Pit BBQ, my favorite BBQ place.

I remember my Dad having a similar Ford truck but it was light blue in color.  I remember the old Ford logo on the front of the truck.

The store is decorated with old antique items, signs, etc.  The windows have flames running across the bottom.

BBQ Store Front BBQ Store Front

The store takes your order over the phone and when you get to the store, you call them and tell them you are out in the parking lot.

Someone from the store, then brings your prepaid items to the car.

BBQ Sandwhich, Cole Slaw, and Macaroni and Cheese BBQ Sandwich, Cole Slaw and Macaroni and Cheese

It doesn’t matter what you purchase, everything on the menu is delicious and the servings are large.

I had a BBQ sandwich of pulled pork, green beans made with ham chunks, and smashed potatoes made with butter with a side order of tangy gravy.  (This is not a photograph of my dinner).

They also offer cornbread and pie for dessert.

How About “Win a Free Ride in a Vintage Ford Truck” Contest?

Old Ford Truck Old Ford Truck

My question now is why doesn’t this restaurant have a contest to win this vintage old Ford truck for a weekend of fun?

OK, that’s a bit of stretch, but  I would be happy just to win a short ride in this old truck.

I’m hoping for better days ahead and it is always good to have a “vintage” country gal dream.

Side View of Ford Truck Side View of Ford Truck

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