Memorial Day Cannoli

The Memorial Day Cannoli, on today’s blog, are shown on a rectangular silver serving tray. I’m calling theses dessert treats Memorial Day cannoli because they were served at a Memorial Day party. The ends on the cannoli are dipped in chocolate and then in multi-colored cake sprinkles.

History of (Memorial Day) Cannoli

My online research shows, that cannoli are thought to originate in Sicily and are a well-known and tasty Italian dessert.

When Italian immigrates came to the US in the early 1900’s, they brought their cannoli recipes with them. However, it was difficult to find sheep or goat milk ricotta to stuff the cannoli with in US grocery stores. So, the bakers used mascarpone instead.

Traditional cannoli are deep fried pastry shells filled with sweetened sheep ricotta mixed with candied citron and grated or chip chocolate.

To decorate, dip the shells in finely chopped green pistachios, candied orange peel or mini chocolate chips.

Sprinkle Dipped Cannoli, 5-29-2023

Years ago, river reeds became molds for this pastry dessert. Today, cannoli molds are made of metal. The molds are found online, at homeware or specialty baking stores.

Making a Cannoli

Cannoli dough is made from flour, lard, Marsala wine, eggs, and sugar. Traditionally, goat or sheep milk was used to make the creamy filling. They can also be filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, custard or mascarpone.

Ending Notes Memorial Day Cannoli

In closing, it’s nice to try a new dessert particularly at this Memorial Day holiday. Believe it or not, I’ve never eaten a cannoli. The cannoli on today’s blog came from a bakery.

Bonus Photograph: So, for Memorial Day, Deuce is wearing a red, white and blue bandanna.

Deuce not only loves to celebrate his birthday but also loves dressing up a bit to celebrate various holidays.

Happy Day Deuce!

Deuce Wears Red, White, and Blue

Thank you to C. for sharing her Memorial Day photographs with FMB.

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