Memorial Day 2023

We actually began our Memorial Day 2023 activities one day prior with a home BBQ. Yesterday the weather was nice, so we started the charcoal in the grill about 20 minutes before hand to make sure the coals got white hot. We grilled chicken breasts and hamburgers. I made a fresh salad with blueberries. We also had corn on the cob and a can of baked beans. Then, our dessert was a store bought cheese Danish tart.

It was all quick and easy. Here’s how we did it.


Of course, for Memorial Day I always put out a US flag in front on the house and, also, add a row of smaller US flags. I pushed the flag poles into the my flower garden beds.

The actual table setting began with a red/maroon and white stripped table runner which was placed lengthwise on the dining room table.

Not having an appropriate table centerpiece, I quickly moved my downstairs flower arrangement to my dining table. It has red, white and blue scattered throughout it. The red berries are from a Christmas sale and the small wild blue berries add a small touch of blue to it. To make it look festive, I added some mini US flags. Also, I have red, white and blue flag pattered napkins which were placed at each setting. Then, a small flameless candle was placed near each seat.

Memorial Day 2023
Memorial Day Centerpiece

Menu and Meal Planning

We are watching carbohydrates and fat, so I didn’t want to serve a lot of bread, rolls, or calorie heavy, potato salad.


  • Grilled skinless chicken breasts brushed with olive oil and imported balsamic vinegar
  • Hamburgers made with lean ground meat topped with a cheese slice
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Baked Beans
  • Red, White and Blue Salad with Fresh Blue Berries, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers
  • Cream Cheese Danish (Store Purchased)
  • Coffee, Iced Green Tea or Water with Fresh Lemon Slices

Red, White and Blue Salad with Fresh Blue Berries, Tomatoes, and Cumber Slices

Because I wanted to have a red, white and blue salad, I used up a bunch of blue berries I purchased.

First, to make the salad, homegrown lettuce and spinach was arranged on one side of a large oval dish. Sliced cumbers encircled the plate’s edge.

I, then, added sliced red tomatoes and blue berries. For more protein, a couple of hard boiled eggs were quartered and placed near the edge.

Salad with Blue Berries, Memorial Day, 5-28-2023

Then to garnish the entire salad, dried parsley and dill were sprinkled over it. Lastly, blue cheese was crumbled over the top prior to serving.

Grilled Chicken and Cheeseburgers

For low calorie grilling, the chicken breasts are skinless. We also pounded the chicken breasts with a large mallet to not only make them tender but to even them out. This way, they grill evenly and quickly. During grilling, the chicken breasts are brushed with a combination of olive oil and imported balsamic vinegar which perks up the flavor a notch.

Memorial Day 2023 Meal

The nicely grilled chicken breasts are ready to serve.

Ending Notes on Memorial Day 2023 BBQ

And so, within a few minutes we are ready to eat our meal. Tips, remember to peel your corn before hand then as soon as the chicken is placed on the grill, get your corn started. Don’t forget the baked bean which also need to be warmed up.

Quick Dessert Tip – I wanted to buy an angel food cake for dessert and serve it with fresh sliced strawberries. But, of course, the store did not have any in the bakery so I went with a cheese Danish tart. Sometimes you have to make quick change of plans when preparing a meal celebration. I looked at the store’s berry pies but, guess what, they had almost double the carbohydrates per serving.

Ready to Eat, Memorial Day,5-28-2023

To sum things up, enjoy the day, visit with relatives and friends, have a BBQ and remember the past.

Today’s Memorial Day blog is dedicated to the past and present US Marine Staff Sergeants.

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