Make Cute Monster Spiders – Great Halloween Decoration!

With Halloween around the corner, you might be looking for some original decorations.  Nothing is cuter than these large monster spiders inexpensively made out of black felt, cotton balls and black pipe cleaners.

Make a pattern for your spiders out of paper.  You will need to draw a large oval  for the body with a smaller oval for the head.  Keep in mind that the pipe cleaner legs will have to be in proportion with the body.

Place the pattern on a double layer of black felt and cut out.

Twist together four black pipe cleaners in the center for the legs.

Monster Spiders Hooked Together Monster Spiders Hooked Together

Start by using a blanket stitch and black thread to sew the two pieces of felt body together.

Push the black pipe cleaners legs out from the body and continue to sew.

Try to evenly space the four legs on each side of the spider.

When you only have about two to three inches left to sew, stuff the head and the body of the spider with cotton balls or cotton batten.

You do not need a lot of stuffing so I used cotton balls to fill these spiders.

Don’t forget to make a black widow or two by adding a red hourglass figure to one side of the spider.

I used red thread to sew the two red triangles into an hourglass figure.

You can, also, glue the red hourglass figure on the spider.

Spiders Made from Felt and Pipe Cleaners Spiders Made from Felt and Pipe Cleaners Black Widow Spider on Coat Rack Black Widow Spider on Coat Rack

Bend the pipe cleaner legs to look like real spider legs and hook them together.

Have fun with your felt spiders.

It is fun to pose them anywhere a real spider would hang.

Monster Sized Spiders, Fun with Felt!

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