Lemon Raspberry Cake

This Lemon Raspberry cake looks absolutely delicious but, surprisingly, it is also sugar-free.

This photograph was sent to me by a super baker who loves to bake in her gourmet kitchen and come up with her own fabulous recipes.

Today she wanted a sugar-free dessert which would be a show stopper and came up with the following cake. The cake is plated on her ruby-red decorative cake plate adding to its appeal.

Sugar-Free Dessert

The Sugar-Free Lemon Raspberry Cake is totally made from scratch. The cake’s two layers are made from a sponge cake recipe. However, the sugar in the cake batter was omitted and, in its place, a sugar substitute is used.

After the cake cooled, it was put together with a center of freshly-made lemon curd filling. This is also made without any sugar.

Then cake was generously iced with the sugar substitute’s version of powdered sugar mixed with fresh lemon juice.

Lastly, the cake was decorated with fresh whole raspberries forming a circle around the top outer edge of the cake.

Sugar-Free Lemon Raspberry Cake

Ending Notes on the Lemon Raspberry Dessert

Having a slice of this cake is a sugar-free dessert treat. One bite of this moist layer cake, reminds one of a tart dessert made for spring or the ending of an Easter meal.

This satisfying dessert is perfect with a cup of coffee and conversation.

It is, also, nice to offer a tempting dessert with the health benefits of being sugar-free. It is great to be creative in the kitchen and come up with something a little bit different.

Happy Baking Everyone and don’t forget to try out those Sugar-Free Recipes!

A Big Thank You to that Special Person C. for allowing me to use her photograph of this yummy-looking cake and for the inspiration of today’s sugar-free blog.

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