Having COVID

Having COVID

Having COVID, It is the words that no one wants to hear. Two years ago, this might have been a death sentence.

However, today we are relating one person experience with having the disease, the aftermath of the diagnosis and praises for today’s vaccination and booster shots.

Initial Events

It began innocently enough when one person in a household went to a concert. Within 24-hours this person fell ill with chills and a slight fever. He recovered quickly and seemed to have a bad cold with a lot of nasal mucus secretions.

However, the at-home COVID testing kit formed two lines on the test strip indicting he was positive. This person spent a week at home in isolation according to the CDC’s recommendations for a person with two COVID vaccines and one booster shot.

Later in the Week

As the week went on, a second person in the household had unresolved sinus issues. They also took a at-home COVID test which was negative on Monday but positive on Friday when a second test was taken.

This second person decided to visit the health clinic and see a doctor for the sinus issue.

Waiting in Car in the Front of Clinic

The Doctor’s Visit

Walking into the clinic this person immediately told the receptionist, they are COVID positive. They were instructed to leave the office and wait in their car for someone to bring out the paperwork.

So, after a ten minute wait, the receptionist came out and the paperwork was filled out. They came out a second time to pick up the paperwork.

That person was then instructed to pull the car into the side area. Of course, this involved parallel parking between two cars. The clinic nurse immediately came out.

Having COVID
Waiting in car at medical clinic.

The nurse and the patient went in the side entrance avoiding the waiting room altogether. This is a smart plan to avoid infecting others at the clinic.

The doctor wore a mask and a piece of head gear to examine the patient. No, the COVID was not treated although they took a nasal swab and the patient’s lungs were clear.

The patient received a prescription for antibiotics for the sinus issue which was called into the pharmacy.

Ending Comments on Having COVID

The first person with COVID is pretty much fully recovered and is now off isolation. After a couple of antibiotics pills, the second person felt better.

This person is fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID and thinks it is a little odd they even got the disease.

However, the doctor remarked there is an upswing in COVID cases and COVID strains now all seems to be different.

Since this person was only slightly ill, they can only remark that the vaccinations and booster shots did their job.

A big thank you to modern medicine and to COVID vaccinations.

Update on Having COVID Blog

Check back with Farmhouse Magic Blog for an update to this blog.

Update: 7-16-2022

The second person has also recovered from COVID and is out again in the general population.

Their last COVID test still came back positive for the disease, so they will be taking another test next week to see if things have changed.

The third person in the house did not come down with the disease but has faithfully wore a mask around the two COVID infected individuals.

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