Gutter Screen Repair

Fall Repair Job – I recently noticed there was an issue with the screening of one section of the gutter.

There was an approximately one inch open space between the gutter screens.

The gutter screen is important since we have a lot of trees that will soon be losing their leaves.

We purchased the gutter screens to keep the leaves out the gutter system and to prevent clogging.

The first step in the repair is to put up the ladder.  Make sure the ladder is set up securely before attempting to climb the steps.  Also, make sure the ladder legs are on an even surface.

Ladder Near Gutter Ladder Near Gutter Damaged Gutter Screen Area Damaged Gutter Screen Area

After a careful review of the problem area, it looked like the gutter screen installers shoved the gutter screen piece into the opening.  The screen obviously was too large to fit the gutter area.

The pressure of the misfit, caused the body of the screen to bend down and this area broke in two.

This proved to be an easy repair.  The area that was bent down was pried up again so it was even with the other side.

Then three pieces of wire mesh was used to tie the ends of the two gutter screens back together.


Space in Gutter Screen Space in Gutter Screen Repaired Gutter Screen Repaired Gutter Screen

This photograph shows the completed repair.

Now, the leaves, twigs, and other debris from the nearby trees will not be able to enter the gutter system.

During the next downpour, a problem free gutter is expected.


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