Favorite Blogs for 2021

As the 2021 year comes to an end, I was thinking of some of my favorite blogs for 2021 and the photographs that went with them.

It was a tough decision because I like them all, but these are the blogs that stand out in my mind.

It was a challenging year to keep the blog going on through out the second year of the COVID pandemic in the United States. We all thought this would be over with in a few months’ time.

Deer in My Yard and some of my Favorite Blogs for 2021

I always enjoy nature and when a deer posed for a photograph, I knew it would be in my blog.

This photograph shows a deer running freely in my back yard.

You can see why it is a favorite blog for 2021 as I love all animals.

Technical Difficulties

Then there were technical difficulties at one point and Farmhouse Magic Blog was down for several days.

With some technical assistance and, some persistence on my part, the blog was up again.

I never know where my blog will take me and I like to keep an open mind.

St. Joseph's Church, Herndon, VA

Statue in reflection garden with streaming light beams.

Keeping Things Simple

I’ve blogged this year on a variety of topics anything from food, fashion, gardening, crafts, antiques, faux food, places of interest, and even a visit to a historic jail.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on any of these topics but using the internet helps me in my research.

I like to keep things simple and interesting.

I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about blogging, technical issues, photography and writing in general.

Flowering ornamental cherry trees.

There are, also, places I’ve visited on my blog a number of times. Most of the people I’ve met have been very friendly and nice.

Merrifield Garden Center

Water feature at Merrifield Garden Center.

Thank You to All FMB Readers—My Favorite Blogs for 2021

I want to give a big Thank You to all my Readers and those people who I’ve been lucky enough to blog about. It is always a joy to share my favorite blogs for 2021.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful New Year!

My wish for everyone for 2022 is for good health and happy memories.

Spring table setting.

Vintage spools of silk thread.

Happy New Year’s – 2022!

European hand crafted egg.

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