Easy Celebration for New Year’s Eve!

I initially thought I would entitle this blog, “Lazy Gal’s New Year’s Eve Celebration” but I think it is more about celebrating the New Year’s eve with what you have on hand so our blog is entitled easy celebration for New Year’s eve.

New Year's Eve, 2021-22
Table Centerpiece for New Year’s Eve

Easy Celebration for New Year’s Eve Centerpiece

The first thing I did was to think about an easy to make centerpiece. I first got a large white bowl which has sides shaped like cabbage leaves.

I placed my Pottery Barn white table runner down the center of the table.

The next trick is something I learned from museum displays. If you don’t have enough of something to fill a bowl, pot or container, first line the bottom with tissue paper to bring the items up to the viewing area. I, also, didn’t feel like going back into the basement for extra bulbs.

So I lined the bowl with a white hand towel and then proceeded to remove the bulbs from the back and hidden side of our Christmas tree and arrange them in the bowl.

New Year's Eve, 2021-22

I love this unusual bowl which holds my faux green apples and lemons.

For today’s centerpiece, I removed all the faux fruit. Also, wash it to get the dust off.

New Year's Eve, 2021-22

A white hand towel lines and protects the bottom of the bowl.

The towel also matches the bowl’s color.

I used copper, white, clear and silver bulbs of all sizes to fill the bowl.

In the small silver container, I placed bubble wrap to hold the bulbs up higher. I then placed the mini silver bulbs in the container.

The two snowflakes next to the small container of bulbs are actually snowflake paperclips.

New Year's Eve, 2021-22
Close Up of New Year’s Eve Centerpiece

Hanging Snow Flakes

To add an extra touch, I removed a few snowflake decorations from the back and hidden side of my Christmas tree and hung them from the dinning room’s light fixture.

I think I’m happy with this look so far.

New Year's Eve, 2021-22

Be sure not to hang anything too close to the light fixture for fire safety reasons.

Don’t Forget the New Year’s Hats and Noise Makers

Getting out a few New Year’s Eve party hats and noise makers.

Ending Notes for Easy New Year’s Eve Celebration Blog

Also, be sure to place what ever you will be serving to drink in the refrigerator or in a cool place to chill.

Enjoy the last few hours of 2021 and . . .

Happy New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve, 2021-22
Small Silver Bulbs in Mold Container with Snow Flakes

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